Addiction isn’t only self-destructive and harmful to the addicted person, but also has a powerful impact on their loved ones. Because of this, there is always a need to consider the feelings and needs of family and friends, when it comes to addiction recovery.

We want to bring families back from the brink of estrangement, and the addicted loved one from the brink of alienation. Because of this, one of the core tenets of our recovery center is our family program, which helps restore relationships and build stronger bonds between

Therapeutic Groups and Conjoint Therapy

One important thing that we offer at Brick House Recovery is our group therapy programs. In our family program, this translates to therapeutic groups and conjoint therapy sessions. When addicted individuals participate in these parts of the family program with their family, and are pushed to develop honest communication with their loved ones, it helps lead to redemptive journeys that are essential to achieving true and lasting recovery.

Family Workshops

We offer a variety of different family workshops that help both addicted persons and their family members build communication skills and gain a better understanding of how their actions can affect the road forward. Our skilled staff has experience in using these workshops to promote breakthroughs for countless of individuals in our program.

Access to Family Recovery Resources

At Brick House Recovery, we have a curated assortment of readings and resources that we find help addicted people in our program and their family members gain a better understanding of how addiction works, and what they can do to build a faith-based foundation to combat its effects. Our family program enables families to have access to our resource library, as well as to information about tons of other community resources.

Brick House Recovery TV

Brick House Recovery TV is our YouTube channel that is constantly being updated with powerful stories that empower and enable families to deal with their own struggles with addiction.

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