Brick House Recovery offers outpatient care to all of our clients with our intensive outpatient program (or IOP). Our IOP is meant to provide our clients with a less-intensive option of care to deal with alcohol or other substance-related issues, since not every addicted individual is in need of something as vigorous as our partial hospitalization program.

Our intensive outpatient program is a faith-based program that uses evidence-based methods to push our clients towards sobriety and a lasting recovery. To participate in this program, our clients must undergo 9 hours of treatment per week, at an absolute minimum, as well as partake in group therapy sessions at least 3 days or nights a week, and attend a weekly individual therapy session.

Here are the key components of our intensive outpatient program:

1. Psychosocial assessment

When a client is submitted into treatment in our IOP, our staff conducts a psychosocial assessment that helps us recognize any mental or social disorders that our client may be suffering from, and that must be taken into consideration with their treatment.

2. Medical evaluation

In our IOP, our staff will conduct medical evaluations on our clients, as needed. Some clients may need more routine medical evaluations than others, in order to gauge the physical of their particular addiction.

3. Psychiatric evaluation

When a client is admitted into our IOP, we have them undergo a comprehensive psychiatric evaluation that helps us recognize the mental effects that addiction is having on their person. We continue to monitor our client’s psychiatric health, as needed, through the program.

4. 12-step-based recovery

Brick House Recovery uses a 12-step recovery program, due to its long track record and basis in the acceptance of a higher power to build a foundation towards addiction recovery. We offer 12-step community support groups that puts our clients in controlled environments to share stories and progress in their recovery journeys.

5. Social services planning

We want each of our clients to accomplish a successful recovery and to thrive beyond the recovery process. For this reason, we offer recovery coaching and transition planning services to help our clients transition back into their lives after the IOP is complete.

6. Clinical assessment

We give each of our clients a clinical assessment when they arrive at our recovery center and start our IOP, in order to give them a clear understanding of what level of addiction they are experiencing and what services can help them get on a track to recovery.

7. Therapy sessions

At Brick House Recovery, our therapy services are one of the most powerful tools that we offer. In our IOP, we expect our clients to undergo group therapy 3 times per week, and also to partake in an individual therapy session once, every week.

8. Family program

We believe that the connection with family and other loved ones is an essential tool to use in addiction recovery. For this reason, we have a comprehensive family program that is full of services that help family members participate in a client’s recovery process. Read more about our family program here. (LINK TO FAMILY PROGRAM HERE******)

9. Recovery education

All of our clients in our IOP gain access to our large library of addiction recovery resources and readings that help them to learn more about the recovery process, and to build a strong knowledge-based foundation to eliminate the effects of substance abuse.

*Please note that all participants in this program are required to participate in drug testing and breathalyzer tests.