About Us

Our Story

Who We Are

Brick House Recovery was established in 2014 when our founder noticed an aching need in the Treasure Valley community: high-quality, private, Faith based addiction recovery. Since that time, our goal has been to provide exceptional and effective treatment for adults struggling with substance abuse and co-occurring disorders.

The Idea Behind The Name

We chose the name “Brick House Recovery” in order to reflect a specific idea. We believe that a healthy, sober lifestyle is built much like a house: from the ground up. Both start with a strong foundation and a practical frame. Many people in recovery are eager for immediate, visible results. It’s as if they’re investing in the paint color and light fixtures when they haven’t yet built a strong foundation in the ground, let alone the framework.

Much like a house, we guide our clients through a success blueprint to build their new lives. Over time, brick by brick, they will enjoy an immovable, solid recovery lifestyle to withstand the storms of stress and relapse. Recovery is a process, not an event. During a client’s time with us, they will ultimately rebuild their lives from the ground up with long-lasting construction of mind, body, and spirit.

Faith Based

We believe that recovery is incomplete without a personal connection to a higher power and this is where we excel. We accept clients of all religious backgrounds and will meet you where you are at spiritually. We only ask that you become willing to explore your faith and stay open-minded.

Private Pay

There are a few distinct advantages to private-pay addiction recovery. First of all, we get to create recovery programs customized for our clients’ needs rather than the one-size-fits-all approach of a state-sponsored program. At a private-pay facility, you can also expect smaller group sizes and more individualized attention for each client. Ultimately, being a private-pay facility allows us to offer quality without compromise.

Adult Only

The recovery needs of adults are unique and specific. Our clients learn how to transcend their addictions after negatively impacting their families, finances, and careers. We specialize in helping them rebuild upon a secure spiritual foundation so that they can succeed in every other area of their lives. Our program is specifically formulated to accommodate the needs of adults who are ready to make lasting changes.