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How To Help An Addicted Loved One Recover

Learn how to help your addicted loved one achieve long-term recovery!

Unhooked will EMPOWER families who: 
  • Just found out
  • Are concerned about $$$
  • Have tried everything but nothing works!
  • Want to reclaim your life!
"Jason Coombs has a brilliant way to reach the hearts and minds of the second-degree sufferers of addiction - the forgotten loved ones. I have never read a book that shows the inside of addiction so clearly yet gives the strength of practical advice that Jason does. This book belongs on the shelf of every loved-one caught in the web of co-dependency - and better yet, open on their lap. His personal story, which reads like gritty fiction is filled with necessary, eye-opening truth. This truth mixed with interlocking, valuable advice will save lives and sanity."

Bridgette Cook
NY Times and Wallstreet Journal Bestselling Author, Transformational Speaker, Passionate Activist

Brick House Recovery Founder Nominated For 2021 INSPIRE EXCELLENCE AWARD

   interviews Jason Coombs - East Idaho Entrepreneurs Podcast. View Transcript

UNHOOKED For Families

12 Week Course

My personal support on your journey with your loved one, join me on my 12 Week Online Course.

This course is open to anyone that is feeling the stress of supporting an addicted loved one. Maybe you just found out about a loved one’s addiction, you want to prevent an addiction happening or you have tried everything but to no avail!

"There is a way through this, come with me!"  – Jason Coombs – Brick House Recovery
"Inviting, Safe, Loving, Non-judgmental, Support... Words that I use when describing the Get Unhooked Course. I have learned how to support my addicted loved one, establish healthy boundaries & have grown in my own spirituality. The twelve-week course was well structured, detailed, thorough & it encouraged personal growth I never imagined was personally possible in."

James T.

Default Headline

Recovery Tip 1 - The Best Defense Is A Strong Offense

Recovery Tip 2 - A Balanced Life

Recovery Tip 3 - Be Kind, Patient, & Realistic

Recovery Tip 4. Nobody Becomes Addicted On Purpose

Recovery Tip 5. It's Time To Get Off The Beach. You Don't Have To Stand There.

Recovery Tip 6: Make Each Sobriety Milestone The Most Important Day Of The Year

Recovery Tip 7: Precontemplators May Often Be At Least Somewhat Aware Of Solutions To Addiction But They Are Blissfully Ignorant To The Problem.

Recovery Tip 8: In Order To Help An Addicted Loved One, We Must Face Our Biggest Fear.

Recovery Tip #9: Oftentimes We Discover Our Life's Purpose In Our Darkest Hour.

Recovery Tip 10 - Put On Your Emotional Raincoat

Recovery Tip 11 - Allow Your Loved One His Natural Consequences.

Recovery Tip 12 - Strong Fences Make Great Neighbors

Recovery Tip 13 - The Contemplation Stage Of Change

Recovery Tip 14 - Remember Our Personal Boundaries

Recovery Tip 15 - Fear Perpetuates Addiction

Recovery Tip 16 - The Addicted Brain Will Heal Over Time.

Recovery Tip 17: The Power Of Vitamin N

Recovery Tip 18: Smash The Myth That You Have To Have Gone Through Addiction To Understand

Recovery Tip 19: Empathy

Recovery Tip 20: The Power Of Self Efficacy

Recovery Tip 21: When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

Recovery Tip 22: Dance Rather Than Wrestle

Recovery Tip 23: Turn Your Focus Inward

Recovery Tip 24: Relapse

Recovery Tip 25: The Four C's

Recovery Tip 26: Rescuing

Recovery Tip 27: Unreasonable Expectations

Recovery Tip 28: Detachment From Outcomes

Recovery Tip 29: Steps To Surrender

Recovery Tip 30: Humility

Recovery Tip 31: Spirituality

Recovery Tip 32: God Is In My Corner

Recovery Tip 33: The Principle of Convalescence

Recovery Tip 34: Progress Not Perfection.

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