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In Idaho, numerous treatment centers fall short of healthcare benchmarks. For confidence in a treatment provider, assessing their commitment to ethical guidelines is advised.

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Successful Completion Rate:
Brick House is proud to claim

ABOVE the national average!

Brick House is honored to recieve a

Client Satisfaction Rate

Evidence that our clients experience

decrease in ANXIETY symptoms after 12 months

Brick House Recovery: 
Exceeding National Success Rates

At Brick House Recovery, we are proud to surpass the national average in success rates. Our evidence-based recovery programs have helped countless individuals achieve long-term sobriety and reclaim their lives.


Success Rate Higher Than National Average


Proven Track Record of Success

Vista Research Group Partnership.

In constant pursuit of excellence, Brick House Recovery partnered with Vista Research Group.

"Vista’s data analytics platform allows center managers to analyze 40 different patient-reported metrics by date, by program and by clinician. Centers can identify and address opportunities for improvement such as:
  • Patient Dissatisfaction: Are patients in one of your programs dissatisfied with an easily-correctable issue?
  • Need for Additional Clinician Training: Are one or more of your clinicians less effective than others at decreasing the severity of their patients’ co-occurring disorders?
  • Patient Population Trends: Has the number of patients in treatment for a particular drug of choice changed enough to warrant any changes in treatment emphasis?"

Industry Trusted


Evidence-Based Practices and Personalized Care

At Brick House Recovery, we are committed to providing evidence-based practices and personalized care to ensure the success of our programs. Our approach is rooted in the latest research and tailored to meet the unique needs of each individual.


Our programs are backed by scientific evidence and proven to deliver exceptional results.

Personalized Care

We understand that every person’s journey to recovery is unique, and we tailor our care accordingly.

Meet Our PresidentCEODirectorsSupervisors


Jason Coombs

President / Founder

Shayla Ward, LCPC

CEO / Chief Clinical Officer

Justin Haight

Director of Business Development

Amy Peden

Clinical Director

Chris Brayton, LCSW

Clinical Director

Shawn Grischkowsky, LCSW

Clinical Manager Coeur D’Alene office

Archie Swensen

Director of Client Success

Mikael Hatfield

Brick House Manager

Our Happy Client Stories

“Brick House has been an amazing treatment facility that has helped me in every way, most importantly with my addiction, spirituality, and emotional sobriety ; all which have led to the healing of me personally, and healing and restoration of my marriage and children.”

Dustin B.

Program Graduate

“Brick House focuses on more than just my addiction... They offer a new way of life and a recipe for emotional sobriety which unlocks long-term spiritual sobriety and maturity. I am more than happy about my choice and the option I chose for my personal treatment experience.”

Francis W.

Program Graduate

“The staff and counselors at Brick House Recovery are awesome and really care about their clients. I have learned a lot about addiction, spirituality, family values and how to live sober. I have become a productive and all around better human being.”

Josh P.

Program Graduate


Rigorous Outcomes Measurement and Continuous Improvement Practices

At Brick House Recovery, we are committed to maintaining and enhancing our high standards of care through rigorous outcomes measurement and continuous improvement practices. We believe in constantly evaluating our programs and services to ensure that we are providing the best possible care for our clients.


We employ rigorous outcomes measurement practices to assess the effectiveness of our programs.


Continuous improvement is at the heart of our commitment to providing exceptional care.