Boise Treatment Center


3663 N. Lakeharbor Ln Boise, ID 83703 – 208-650-7359

Addiction is a horrific behavioral disease that has been growing throughout the country for the last two decades, and it isn’t going to stop unless we all take action to help people improve their lives through recovery and treatment. Whether it is alcohol, meth, or heroin, addiction rates continue to climb throughout Boise and Idaho. According to Idaho Health and Welfare, heroin has grown more than 800%, and the drug can easily be found in minutes throughout Boise.

This imminent problem, and the desire to do something about, is the reason why Brick House Recovery was founded, in order to help addicts in Boise and Idaho fight back against addiction and build a personal foundation of sobriety.


One of the most important programs that we offer is our intensive outpatient program (IOP). Our IOP program is available to people in and around the Boise area, and requires at least 9 hours of direct treatment, per week. In addition to that treatment, our clients must take part in group and individual therapy sessions 3 or more nights per week.


We work hard to ensure that our addiction treatment services utilize the latest procedures and techniques that are practiced throughout the industry and have been shown to have lasting effects. To demonstrate our commitment to our clients, we are proud to be a CARF accredited rehab facility, which means that we are a center that has surpassed a bar of excellence set by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities. We continue to strive to offer the people of Boise a treatment center that continues to meet this standard of excellence.


While we don’t require our clients to be of any religious affiliation, our program built on Higher Powered based addiction recovery. We believe that the acceptance of a higher power and the ability to let the ego go is a crucial aspect of addiction recovery, and in facing the guilt that continually pushes people back into the arms of addiction. We are one of the premiere Higher Powered based treatment facilities in Boise, Idaho.


If you or someone you know in the Boise area struggles with addiction and substance abuse, please don’t hesitate to give our center a call, today. A path towards recovery is available to everyone!