Addiction and Self Criticism

Among all of the issues that come hand-in-hand with addiction, one of the hardest to deal with, is self criticism. You are your own worst critic, and your internal critic will put you down, making you feel like your progress is insignificant and you may as well give up. You don’t have to feel like this, because that voice telling you it’s not worth it is wrong.


Self control


One of the biggest aspects of addiction recovery and rehabilitation, is self control. No one can go through the recovery process for you, it has to be you, and you’re the one putting in all of the effort. Addiction recovery hinges on self control. Addiction is an entire loss of self control. Recovery is the act of regaining self control, placing healthy boundaries for yourself, and figuring out how to live in your life without the presence of your addiction. It will be hard, but gaining self control is one of the first steps to defeating the self criticism.


Become conscious of your internal dialogue


Try as you might to ignore all of the nasty things that the little voice in your head tells you, it’s near impossible to ignore. In order to become in control of that voice, you need to become aware of your internal dialogue. Listen to the words that you tell yourself. If they aren’t specific words, and it’s just a feeling, focus on that instead. Once you’ve recognized that voice, figure out what the voice sounds like. Often, it can sound like a disappointed parent. Or a teacher, older sibling, or other individual you have looked up to, or held authority over you. Recognizing the voice is important, because now you can address it.


Argue back


You can throw that angry energy right back at yourself, and prove it wrong. Remind yourself how far you’ve come, how well you’re doing, and that you believe in yourself.


Give yourself affection


Let this criticism pass through you, and then use the space leftover to give yourself a bit of affection. Recall all of the things you’ve been through, how strong you are, and give yourself a bit of love. Whether this means to do a little self-care, or calling a friend over to give you a big hug. Say nice things to yourself.


Recognize yourself in the critic


Often, that critical voice in your head…is yourself. A version of yourself that is mad at how far things got, all the things you’ve gone through. Give yourself compassion. Anger is a natural feeling during the recovery process. Once you recognize the anger is coming from yourself, you can stifle it. Don’t let yourself be that hard on yourself anymore. Past all of that anger, is the possibility of self improvement.

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