How Anxiety Affects Addiction

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Addiction, despite the horrific effects that it can have on the body, is primarily a mental condition. While physical dependence occurs for many substance, mental dependence is the major crux of why an addict remains hooked. As such, when addiction mixes with other mental disorders, it can make it the relationship between a user and substance abuse that much more fraught. Here is some information about how anxiety affects addiction…

Self-treating anxiety

One reason that there is a significant relationship between anxiety disorders and addiction is because a common origin of substance abuse is in trying to self-medicate for said disorders. Individuals with generalized anxiety disorder will find that they are able to stay the effects of their anxiety by engaging in certain behavior, whether it be alcohol abuse or overtaking prescribed medication.

This trend of self-medication leads down a path of dependence, which then creates a situation where an addict suffers from two co-existing disorders (addiction and clinical anxiety).

Anxiety affects healthy habits

When trying to recover from addiction, it is important to set up rigid routines that build a foundation of healthy habits. This is already hard enough to do when addiction is affecting the way that your brain functions, but it can be especially difficult when you also have to deal with the added roadblocks that an anxiety disorder places on your brain.

Addiction treatment needs to address mental disorders

There are around 40 millions Americans who suffer from an anxiety disorder. These individuals are far more likely to engage in substance abuse and develop a dependence, by about 200-300%, as a matter of fact. For this reason, in order for addiction recovery centers to be effective, they need to be able to address the specific complications that co-occurring mental disorders add to the recovery process.

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