Recovery Tip 7: The Pre-Contemplation Stage

Recovery Tip 7: Precontemplators May Often Be At Least Somewhat Aware Of Solutions To Addiction But They Are Blissfully Ignorant To The Problem.

Today’s tip on how to help an addicted loved one recover comes from my book “Unhooked”.

Precontemplators may often be, at least somewhat, aware of the solutions to addiction, but they are blissfully ignorant of the problem. In fact, most pre-contemplators don’t want to change. They just really want us and the people around them to stop nagging and disrupting their behavior. They do this by ignoring you or accusing you of some random default or personal defect. There may even be some truth in what they accuse you of. Any accusations pointed at you are usually meant to distract you from their addiction and their behavior to get you off their back. So just remember, when they’re in the stage of pre-contemplation, they are not interested in change.

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