One of the premiere programs that we offer at Brick House Recovery is our Partial Hospitalization Program (or PHP). The PHP is a limited-time program that is medically supervised, and offers comprehensive therapeutic and clinical services. Primarily, this is a program for individuals who are experiencing increased symptomatology, disturbances in behavior, or other conditions that negatively impact their mental or behavioral health. However, these individuals should not currently pose an immediate threat to themselves or others, and are not in need of an inpatient program.

Our PHP is open 5-days a week to our clients, who are expected to participate in the program for at least 20 hours per week. Due to the time that must be put into the PHP, this program is incredibly intensive, but also an effective necessity to preventing relapse and getting an addicted loved one out of the physical and mental hold of addiction.

Here are several key components to our partial hospitalization program:

1. Psychosocial assessment

Our skilled staff has plenty of experience in conducting psychosocial assessments, which help give our team a clear picture of whether or not our client is experiencing any range of mental health disorders.

2. Medical evaluations

During the course of the PHP, our clients are given a medical evaluation at least once, every week, in order to ensure that their physical health is improving under the stewardship of our program.

3. Psych evaluation and monitoring

Addiction is not only a physical threat to our clients, but also a mental one. For this reason, we offer routine psychiatric evaluations, and continue to monitor the psychological impact that addiction and recovery is having on our clients.

4. 12-step support groups

We are a 12-step-based recovery center, and utilize methods from the 12-step program through community support groups that help our clients experience work through their experiences in a judgement-free environment.

5. Social services

Our PHP is more than just a medical program, but also helps in the social aspects that help our clients transition back into their regular lives, free from the hold of addiction. As such, part of the services of this program is our recovery coaching and transition planning.

6. Clinical assessment

Our skilled staff is able to give our clients a clinical assessment, upon arrival, about what the danger level of their addiction is at, and what steps should be taken to reach a lasting recovery.

7. Therapy sessions

A major part of all of the programs at Brick House Recovery is our therapy sessions. In the PHP, we offer both group and individual therapy sessions to help our clients work through their behavior patterns, as they pertain to substance abuse.

8. Family involvement

We believe that it is always important to consider the place of family, friends, and loved ones in our client’s recovery process. For this reason, we offer a full-fledged family program to each of our clients. Read more about this program here.

9. Recovery education

Our staff has curated a large library of resources that is open to our clients to learn more about how addiction affects them and their loved ones, and what steps they can take to ensure a smoother recovery process.

*Please note that all participants in this program are required to participate in drug testing and breathalyzer tests.