Idaho’s State of Addiction

Addiction and substance abuse are both behavioral diseases that are ramping up across the country, to the point where our own president recently declared that there is a national opioid epidemic (although abuse is frequent among other substances, as well). Every state is currently having their own unique battle with addiction, and Idaho is no different. In order for us Idahoans to combat addiction in Idaho, we must first recognize the specific ways in which our state is being affected. Here is some information about the current state of addiction, in Idaho.

Idaho’s prescription drug problem

Idaho’s main problem with substance abuse, along with the rest of the midwestern region of the United States, stems from prescription drug abuse, and particularly opioid painkillers. Currently, Idaho ranks as the 4th highest state for the use of prescription painkillers. That’s not exactly the type of thing that you want to be winning in. The overdose rate in Idaho is alarming, as well, with there being 8 overdose fatalities per 100,000 people in Idaho, every single year. In addition to prescription drugs being dangerous, on their own, they are also contributing to a rise in other hard drugs, such as heroin.

Alcoholism in Idaho

Alcohol is, far and away, the number one most abused substance in every state of the country. Idaho’s issues with alcohol dependence are roughly the same as the average across the entire country. According to data from 2014, about 7.5% of Idahoans that were 12 years or older in age suffered from dependence to alcohol. Of these individuals, an astonishing 93% of people in Idaho who suffered from alcohol dependence do not receive treatment. Of the 7% who do, relapse rates can be high.

Get help for loved ones

The most important thing for Idahoans to do to combat the spread of addiction is to make sure that we don’t get complacent in the fight against substance abuse. Don’t give up on a loved one who has fallen away and changed, due to addiction. Now is the time, more than ever, to get help and treatment that can mitigate the effects of addiction. If you or a loved one is suffering from addiction, contact our team to see how we can help achieve true and lasting recovery!

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