The Hidden Costs of Alcohol Abuse

The Hidden Costs of Alcohol Abuse

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Alcohol addiction is definitely a costly habit when considering the daily cost of alcohol alone, but when considered with the many hidden costs of addiction in mind, an alcohol addiction suddenly becomes more expensive than you probably ever considered. Here are a few of the hidden costs of alcohol addiction that will help to put the true cost of an addiction into perspective.

Health Care

Chronic alcohol abuse carries with it many negative health consequences, including increased risk of pancreatitis, liver disease, and cancer in the long term. Those addicted to alcohol are also more likely to suffer from increased blood pressure, stroke, heart-related diseases, malnutrition, and brain damage—not to mention accident-related injuries such as car accidents, burns, and drowning. With alcohol addiction comes an onslaught of reasons for your health care costs to go up.


On a similar note, health, life, and car insurance costs are also more likely to go up in the case of an alcohol addiction. Just one DUI could result in insurance costs that are three times higher than they were before, and a known history can cause an individual to pay more in health and life insurance costs—if qualified.

Loss of Work

With side effects of apathy, a lessened ability to focus, and impaired judgment, an addiction to drinking can make it incredibly difficult to perform well while in the workplace. Showing up to work while under the influence can be a reason for immediate end to employment, and time spent away from work dealing with the legal consequences can mean a heavy loss in income as well. Those struggling with alcohol addiction also find it more difficult to complete coursework towards higher education, making moving up in the workplace even more difficult.

Legal Costs

Heavy fines are associated with the legal consequences of drinking—such as DUIs, arrest warrants, and attorney fees. Jail time also precludes an individual from going to work and earning an income.

Bad Credit

All of these things combined can also lead a person to have more difficulty in paying bills, resulting in fees associated with late bill payment, higher interest rates, and eventually a lower credit score.

Damaged Relationships

Not all hidden costs of alcohol addiction of monetary. Because of the way that an addiction can take over a the number-one priority in a person’s life, it can lead to impaired relationships with friends, family members, and significant others.

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